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Insights Into Teens: Episode 58 "Current Events: Coronavirus"

March 23, 2020 Joseph and Madison Whalen Season 2 Episode 58
Insights Into Teens
Insights Into Teens: Episode 58 "Current Events: Coronavirus"
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It's hard to talk about anything at this point in time without talking about Coronavirus. So we take time out of our regularly scheduled shows to discuss this worldwide event. We talk about what COVID-19 is, how it's transmitted and how to avoid getting it. We'll talk about proper hygiene, what the symptoms are and what warning signs to look for before seeking medical attention.

We'll take a look at a different aspect as well. We'll look at the direct impact that it's having on our kids, family and friends. We'll discuss the changes we're all trying adapt to in these difficult times and how we are coping with the challenges imposed on us with social distancing and other radical approaches to stopping the spread of the disease. We hope that our experience under these unusual circumstances might help others to cope with the challenges as well.

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insightful podcasts, informative hosts insights into

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a podcast network. Welcome to Insights Into Teens, a podcast series exploring the issues and challenges of today's youth. Your hosts are Joseph and Madison Whelan, a father and daughter team making their way through the challenges of the teenage years. Welcome to insights into Teens. This is Episode 58. This is the first in a new format that we're gonna be doing from time to time. Cut our Karen event Siris. And today we will discuss the unavoidable topic of Corona virus. I am your host, Joseph Whalen and my intelligent and insightful co host, Madison Whalen.

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Hello, everyone,

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So many Thea. The format of this show, the current Events series, is really to talk about what's in the news. What's really you know, the important stuff that's in the news right now. Um, we'll talk about some of the facts of it, but more importantly, I wantto find out how it's affecting you. How are you, Aziz, the average 13 year old seeing this news? What are your opinions on it? How what kind of impact is that having on you and just generally one of the thoughts now, the first topic that we're talking about in this syriza's Corona virus, which is kind of impactful worldwide with us right now. Right. Um, so one of the things I would like to do let's talk about some of the facts surrounding it. What we can do. How's it spread death type of thing. But but this is sort of an unguided, unscripted discussion that I'd like to have today with you. So you ready to get started?

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Why not?

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All right, let's get going. So instead of going into all the grueling details and talking about how it spreads and washing your hands and all that stuff, I do have, um, a load of notes here from various saves, primarily the CDC dot gov site. Um, I'd

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really like

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to just start off by asking you. What do you think of the corona virus? What do you think of everything that's going on? Um, what are your thoughts? Just giving your thoughts.

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Well, as all of us know, the Corona virus is a natural worldwide issue that has been around for a little while. Few weeks, almost a month, maybe a

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few months.

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Few months? Yeah. Um, and it has greatly impacted everyone's lifestyle. Um, um, it's impacted the entire world. And it's basically, um, the modernized version of an apocalypse, I

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guess. I guess you could kind of look at it that way. Sure. Um, we've had a lot of impact on us across many levels. I mean, government shutdowns and shelter and places and all this kind of stuff. Um, but do you know what a Corona virus is?

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Um, I've just been hearing about all the well, I really don't know what it actually is, even though, like, it's been around for a while now, and I'm but I still really don't know. I've only heard that it's like a really about gold.

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Okay, on dhe, that's largely what most people take away from it. But, um, Corona viruses have been around for quite some time. Corona virus is a generic term kind. Like saying the flu. There are different strains of the flu. The flu is influenza, and a corona virus is a type of virus. And there are different strains of that virus. Um, for instance, um, there were other Corona viruses that have hit over the years. One was called SARS. Sudden acute respiratory syndrome. that also came out of China. Another one came out of the Middle East, called MERS Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, this particular Corona virus. Everyone's referring to his coup vid 19. This is actually sudden acute respiratory virus syndrome Corona virus dash, too. The name given to the diseases that it causes is called Cove in 19. So and that's just specifics. I don't wantto e I don't wanna bore anybody with it. But the important thing to know is that what they say Corona virus It's like saying the flu. It's just a generic term, like the common cold. Um, normally, Corona viruses come from different animals. It's rare that they're actually transferred to humans. This one they think, was transferred from a bat. For instance, the murders that happened in the Middle East was actually transferred to humans from camels, usually because of the different genetic structure between humans and animals. They're not compatible until they mutate, and then they become compatible. So when we talk about Corona virus, it is something that is a generic virus. It causes flu like symptoms. You know, you're coughing, you get a fever. Um, the vast majority people that get it you know don't die from it. You just get very sick from it. So that's what the Corona virus itself is. One of the other things is, how does it spread? Do you know how the Corona virus spreads?

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Um, I'm assuming due to all the shutdowns, um, contact with others.

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That's a very good point. And and you can tell by how they're trying to deal with it right now that it does spread person to person. Um, there's no vaccine for it at this time. And normally, when they generate vaccines, vaccines are grown in a lab. They have to study the genetics of it. And they basically had to figure out how to break down the DNA in a virus in order to meet immunized people to it on A lot of vaccines tend to be weakened versions of the virus that they inject into your body, and then your body creates antibodies that attack it. So we're putting a weaker version of it into your body isn't as adversely impacted by the virus, but it can still build its defenses, just like with the common cold. And with the flu's wing, you get it, your body will build a defense to it, so you likely won't get it again. Re infection is very unlikely in this case for this string. Um, but you're right. The way that it's transferred is exposure. So what a lot of governments are trying to do right now is trying to limit that other doing that through self quarantine. If you have any symptoms, they want you to not be around other people. Obviously, they don't want you to go to public places. So they're trying to keep the number of people in public places down. It's ah, lot of it is just prevented. The measures that are common sense measures, um, people who have to be in close contact for this. So one of the things they're telling is if you're out and about, don't get within six feet of people. They don't know if it spreads through the air through touch. Different viruses spread different ways. Um, so there's things that people talk about to avoid getting the virus, and I don't want to go into a lot of detail with that, but we'll run down those real quick when we come back. So all the information that we're gonna present today does come from the CDC website CDC dot gov. We're not experts. We're not doctors. At least I'm not. I'm pretty sure you're not, right. Yeah. Okay. So what we provide here is publicly available. It's why I don't want to do well too much on, But it's some common sense stuff. It's all the same stuff you would do to not get a cold or not. Get the flu. Do you know what these are? Let me let me throw it at you. And you tell me what you think these are.

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Um I'm guessing one of the main ones is watching is wash your hands with water and soap. Absolutely. Because that's just been break sickly brainwashing all our brains at this point.

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That's right.

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Um, next ish struck another one would be, um, limit all contact with others. Except for, like, family members that, like people who you're around like daily?

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what happens if you're sick? What do you do?

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You quarantine yourself from others. And, um, just stay away and don't contact, don't have contact with anyone.

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And what did you feel like? You have to call for sneeze. What should you do?

spk_1:   10:08
Um, you should have a tissue and make sure you're at least covered in an afterwards. Wash your hands.

spk_0:   10:17
And what if you don't have a tissue ready?

spk_1:   10:20

spk_0:   10:20
where should you call for? Sneeze.

spk_1:   10:22
In your arm?

spk_0:   10:23
Yep. Into your sleeve. Um, cleaning and disinfecting. That's another one. So it's all it's all the basic stuff. It's basic hygiene. It's all the stuff that we already know what to do. Um, just wash your hands. That's probably the biggest thing, because right now they're saying that it passes by touch. Um, and obviously, if you're sneezing, you're you're blowing out. Probably stuffed. It's contaminated. So you need to contain that. Um, What do you think you should do if not for big? You do get sick.

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Um, maybe contact. Ah. Hospital knew you, um, notify any adults, but try not to go in contact with anyone. Um,

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you're right. Call your doctor. You know, if you think you've been exposed to the virus, if you develop a fever and you develop symptoms, um, and those symptoms or cough difficulty breathing, then you call your healthcare provider. Um, and that's that's really what they want you to do. right now, one of the problems we're running into is there's not a lot of tests ready for this. So the first thing most medical institutions will do is they'll test you for other things that caused these symptoms like the flu. So the test you will still give you a battery of tests for most of the flu strains. And if you don't have the flu of you, they come back negative and you still have symptoms. Then they'll probably make you a candidate for the Corona virus test. They say to stay home, too. A lot of companies were closing down. Now I know we're in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Uh, just closed down the they went into a I don't think only, you know, that the state of emergency or shelter in place or or whatever, but basically they're saying that nonessential companies have to shut down. So don't keep a lot of people home and help minimize the spread in New York. Did the same thing effective Monday. Not essentially gonna shut down. So it's possible they're gonna do the same thing here in New Jersey and again, that's really just a precaution. It's to minimize people's exposure to try to arrest the the spread of the disease. And if you think about it logically, if if people don't interact with other people on the virus, can't spread it, eventually will just die out. And that's exactly what they're trying to go for. They shave. Would public transportation really avoid any public places just to be safe? I know there's been there's been news releases about them cleaning the subways and stuff like that. But if you can't, if you don't have to be on public thing, you're really should just stay home. Yeah, um, if you do have to go see your doctor, call ahead. Some doctors are keeping different hours. Some doctors are keeping, you know, they have different pre qualifications before you come in. Ah, lot of doctors air just overwhelmed right now. So they wanna screen you pre screen you before you come in. So you don't You're not sitting in a waiting room. Should you wear a face mask?

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Um, you know, um

spk_0:   13:51
really, that was gonna be a painful question.

spk_1:   13:53
Um, I know a lot of people I know, like people in Jonah. Um, whenever they're sicker, there's an illness going around. They won't wear masks. I think some people could do wear masks. But I think as long as you just avoid contact with others, you might be fine. I mean, if you have, like some symptoms of it, I would definitely probably recommend wearing a mask or something like that just to stop it.

spk_0:   14:23
And that is a very good point. That's exactly what the medical professionals say. If you're not sick, don't wear a mask. And the reason for that is you don't need one because it's not going to stop you from getting sick. Um, and other people need those masks, which are in short supply, so medical professionals need them. If you're exhibiting symptoms, you should wear a mask. Now there's a special type of mask that filters you know better than others, and it's this tight Komal type man's colon and 50 and 95. If you're sick, you should wear that because it's best to contain it. And the reason they say the where it is so that you don't spread it and get other people sick. Um, so if you're not sick, don't wear the mask, don't go out and buy them don't hoard them. Um, if you have symptoms, then the medical professionals will generally provide a mask for you and a gown and stuff like that. Minimize your contamination. What about hand sanitizer? Does hand sanitizer work on this?

spk_1:   15:33
Um, I definitely seen a lot of people using it, but it's definitely not completely recommended. Someone water's always like the main benefit. But if you don't, if you're not nearest sink with soap and water hand sanitizer Children expects thing like carried around in places where they're, um, we'll just carry it around with you. Um, just in case if, like you do sneeze and you're not anywhere near your bathroom or anything, because that'll sort of help,

spk_0:   16:03
that's true, and that's that's entirely correct. They do recommend that any hand sanded times that you use you look at the potency of the ingredients. Make sure it's at least 60% alcohol. That's where you're gonna get the most effectiveness. But soap and water is your best bet when you're watching, washing your hands, um, and avoid touching things. Don't touch your nose. Don't touch your eyes. Keep your hands away from your face because even with high, clean hi Gina or very good hygiene. You still get germs on your hands. You don't want Trent. You want to transfer those to your face or risk that it at this time basically keep it away from any part of your body where virus could get in. Uh, what about cleaning? What would you say? People should do cleaning their house to try to kill any germs or anything. Any advice? They're

spk_1:   17:00
probably, um, with, um, Lysol wipes is pretty good, cause they kill 99.9% that turns. Apparently not trying to have a times

spk_0:   17:11
an advertisement there.

spk_1:   17:13
Um um but yeah, um, cleaning your house would definitely be able would definitely probably prevent the virus. Because, like we said, contact is basically the main cause of the virus. And even though it's your own house, you could still just taken. Still, we're just about to jump around.

spk_0:   17:33
And the suggestion is high touch area. So you want to make sure you clean surfaces that you touch a lot Your sink, your countertops, your tables You want to clean chairs, kitchen chairs that you're pulling out. You want to clean your door knobs, anything that you touch a lot. You want to clean your phone's being your remote controls anything that people are gonna touch a lot. You want to make sure you clean those fairly frequently. Lysol waives any Clorox bleach wipes anything that has, um ah, what's the D? What is the name that they give you? That's the sanitizing. If long as they're sanitizing white thing, you should be fine ago, Um, so let's talk. Let's let's take a break. I think we covered all the basic information there. Let's take a quick break. We'll come back and we'll talk about what be warning signs are that you might have the virus. So there's really of four basic things to look for. Other in yourself or your family members of your friends or anyone that you're around. And if you see these, they don't necessarily all have to be evident. But you could see any of these thing. You probably want to contact medical experts. The first is difficult breathing or shortness of breath. The one thing that's very dangerous about this virus is it attacks. You're you're respiratory system, so it makes it difficult to breathe that gets into your lungs. You start to cough s O. If you have persistent pain or pressuring your chest could be a sign that you're building up fluid. Um, if there's, um, confusion, you know, if you start feeling confused or disoriented, another one on the last one here is bluish lips or face. Now all of these are examples of what happens when your body's lacking oxygen. So that's the one thing that really keep in mind. If you've got a fever and a slight cough in your feeling, achey and weak their symptoms as well. Um, and if you have those symptoms, that's really early stage low priority. Ah, stuff that you can you could endure makes you feel uncomfortable, right? But any of these other signs that our issues with breathing or low blood, oxygen and stuff like that that's when you might have a serious problem. That's when you want to contact medical help. Certainly, by this point, you should be under medical care. If there are medical emergencies. 911 91 system is still up and running, regardless of the emergency status that we have right now is still called 911. What about your pets? What do you How do you think this affects the pets? Is there a concern for our pets? Health? Is there preparations that we should do from Prince? What do you What do you think I should be worried about with my pets?

spk_1:   20:50
Um, I actually never knew that I could really affect the pets. And it probably could, since all most of these Corona viruses have come from basically animals. And, um, I guess just try to get you maybe get your pet to event if you can. If they're open,

spk_0:   21:11
that's a very good recommendation. Now there's no evidence at this time that suggests that dogs or cats or other household pets can spread the disease. But the CDC does recommend that if you are sick or exhibiting symptoms that you distance yourself from your pats just like you could front you should from other people. Um, even though you probably won't get them sick, it's entirely possible. Just like you can get germs. You can spread the germs of the virus by touching things. You you can turn your pet into a carrier, and if someone goes in Petra dog, they could possibly get it. The one thing they do recommend is in the event that you do get sick, make sure that you have plenty of supplies. Make sure you've got food for the for your pants. Make sure their waters kept up and so forth. Because if you get sick, you might not be able to get off and take care your paths as frequently as you normally do. Change your cat's litter boxes. Changer the fish bowl. If you got order in the in the fish bowl, make sure all that stuff is proactively taken care of. But I think for the most part, are pets are generally sink from this as long as we don't contaminate them and have them spread it. Any other thoughts on prevention or anything else to stay safe?

spk_1:   22:39
Um, I think we mainly cover the basics. Um, I'm gonna each other of are a few other ones that we can, um, that there we could, um, discuss. But right now I really can't think of any specific.

spk_0:   22:55
Let's go. Okay, So I want to come back and have a series of questions about the direct effect on you and and what this is doing to you and other kids your age So you've been remote schooling this whole week now? Yep. What does that mean to you? What effect? As it had. And what are your thoughts on that so far after 44 and 1/2 days of that.

spk_1:   23:31
Okay, so no learning is basically you. You're home schooled. Basically, um, there's an app called Google Classroom. We use and our teachers post assignments on their, um, for us to do over, um, the span of however long it is until we go back to school. Um, I have basically taken it. And, um, since I have different periods, I break the day, um, up into those periods to get the work done. Um, it doesn't take it normally, doesn't take the entire time to dio, but sometimes I do go a bit over the clock, but, um um, I've basically been remote. I've the remote learning has just been like a Simon's that are just posted online today was basically, um pretty Some lay bad because, um, it was basically a catch up day for some of my classics. My class is saying like, um, it's hard to do assignments due to the remote learning, so they gave us get a cat drop day. So how

spk_0:   24:50
difficult has the adjustment been for you? Going from in school, in classroom with the teacher in front of you and all your friends around to basically being, you know, by yourself in a room. Even though, you know, mommy and Daddy have been around. How is that that change been for you? Has that padded effect on your learning?

spk_1:   25:12
Um, in a way, Um, I'm actually, um oh. Sometimes I finish assignments earlier the night, and I anticipate, and that gives me more time for projects. Honestly, um, it has affected my sleep schedule only a little bit. I wake up at seven now, and I don't have to wake up that early in the morning anymore. I can also go to bed a little later. Um, I'm normally always home with Mommy. I was only really home with you one day of the week. Um um, my lunch schedule exchange too, since I know since in fourth period, when it's like 10 a.m. That's when I normally have lunch. But we don't. Me and Mommy normally have lunch around 12 now, um, I basically do all my homework in our kitchen. Um, most of the assignments are on, um, are basically virtual and on the computer. But sometimes I do after right, and that makes me forget my pencil in my room, so have to constantly go there, which is annoying

spk_0:   26:28
hope. The house is a lot smaller than the school. The right

spk_1:   26:30
to point um, and after, like basically every period, I would go up to mommy doctors. You know, she's doing tell her my progress and maybe do some sort of small activity before I went down. Because the 1st 3 days of the week for Jim, I actually had I had to do 40 minutes of exercise, depending on for four different activities. So I had to do that. But now that I'm in health, I'm not doing that. So I just have to get up and do something when it's my break.

spk_0:   27:07
So have you run into any roadblocks or any any real difficulties in trying to complete a Simon's any tactical difficulties or anything like that? Or has it been pretty smooth sailing for you?

spk_1:   27:20
I mean, of course, in the beginning of the week, of course, it's going to be rough on because it's the whole new remote learning thing. But Mama gets notifications. I get notifications for assignments. I need to dio. Good thing about Google classroom is that there's also it says, Like when it's not what when assignments are due. So, you know, like, Okay, when I need to complete this, What do I need to complete? Um, I've gotten more adjusted to it. Um, but yesterday I kind of overwork myself a bit. Um, um, there was this one assignment that that, um I needed to dio and it took me off a pretty long time. But thanks to your help, I was able to get it done faster than I probably would have.

spk_0:   28:10
So on the last question, I think I have one. This one is Is there any advice that you have for any other kids out there who have to work from home and do their schoolwork? For whom? That that might help them along?

spk_1:   28:23
Well, um, I can definitely say from experience because I had actually texted my one friend. Chris is the same ages man actually shares my science period, and he said that he was stressed and tired and he didn't like remote learning at all. So I gave him a few positives on. Guy would probably do that with anyone else. Like, well, you don't wake up as early anymore to get on the bus. You can wake up basically anytime. You really need Thio.

spk_0:   28:54
That's a good point.

spk_1:   28:55
You can also basically do school in my pajamas,

spk_0:   28:57
so yes, you can guess. That's a plus.

spk_1:   29:00
Also, sometimes, like if they're starving kids you really don't like seeing in school. Guess what? You don't have to see them

spk_0:   29:09
social distancing of the plus.

spk_1:   29:11
Yeah. Um, yeah, Honestly, this whole thing sucks like you can barely talk. You can't talk to anyone in person, but, um, luckily with the Internet now, um, we're able Thio, talk to the people who we want, who we really should talk to when those were basically our friends. And

spk_0:   29:36
so that's that's a good point. That's a good segue way. And in my next year's of questions, how has this affected your social life in talking to your friends and hanging out with your friends and stuff? What's been the impact there?

spk_1:   29:49
Um, well, of course I don't really see any. My friends. I can't really see them unless I do face time. And I haven't done that yet. Thing is, in the beginning of this whole thing, I was actually supposed to have a sleepover with all my friends for one off my friends birthdays. But then the whole, um, virus came up, And then I realized I couldn't do it because of social distancing, and I was pretty bummed about that.

spk_0:   30:14
So has there been any other negative effects socially owing you other than you just haven't been able to see your friends? Ah, and go to that party. Were there any other things that you missed out on any school trips, anything like that that you're missing out on?

spk_1:   30:29
I mean, there was the market period, three reward for, um, students. And we were all really anticipating it because we got to go see a movie. But of course, that Rob that got held back. Honestly, a lot of school stuff got held back, and I'm just hoping we can go back to school in a few weeks.

spk_0:   30:51
So how do you think this is going to affect school? I mean, we've got what a couple of months left April, May June for school. You know, 22 and 1/2 months or so left for school. Um, you know, they're anticipating probably 30 days for for isolation. Or so here. Some schools have actually canceled school for the rest of the year or in the country. How do you think this is gonna affect this year? This this tale into this year here? Do you think there's gonna be any major changes, any major problems or anything?

spk_1:   31:25
I mean, like you said before, some schools have just completely cancelled school for the rest of the year, and it's basically just remote learning. And I really don't want it to come to that point to my school because I really don't want to, um, do remote learning for the rest of the school year. I mean, sure, we're more than we're probably more than halfway through the year, but I really don't anticipating having to. I have everything completely online, and I like, like what One friend just completely hate remote learning and like,

spk_0:   31:59
it's a tough situation. I don't think anyone was really expecting this or even geared up for at this point time. So I think it's kind of a lot of people just trying to make the most out of out of the situation at this point.

spk_1:   32:12
Yeah. What do you miss

spk_0:   32:13
the most out of going into school?

spk_1:   32:15

spk_0:   32:17
certainly not waking up early.

spk_1:   32:18
Yeah, certainly not. That, um I as much as I say that I really don't want to socialize a lot. I kind of do. I do miss hanging talking with my friends at school because, um, I really enjoyed talking with them, and they can relate to me, but there's a lot of things I'm I'm definitely sure I don't miss at school.

spk_0:   32:44
I don't want to get in the van it,

spk_1:   32:45
but, you know, But I definitely do miss talking to my friend in person. Um,

spk_0:   32:51
so and there are things to that with with that respect to that, you know, we can We can make some changes and you will adjust to this. If it's gonna be an extended period of time, we'll come up with something right? We'll make How about mom and Dad working from home. So I did. I work from home one day this week. Mommy was home. The rest. How's that? Had an effect on you. Have you seen an effect on us. Tell us a little bit about that.

spk_1:   33:24
Well, um, um I definitely think having you guys here for the first week is definitely helped me because I had, like, a lot of questions, like, you know, on Sunday I was just asking, like, Okay, how we're gonna do this. What are my assignments? How we how we gonna do the assignments? What do I need from school? Yadi Yadi. ETA?

spk_0:   33:45
Yes, there was indeed a lot of yadda, yadda yadda. Hasn't been a good experience for you having having mommy and Daddy home.

spk_1:   33:54
Honestly, since I really don't most of the time. You guys normally on around because I'm at school, you're at work. It is nice having knowing that mommy's there and knowing that you were there, Um and, um, I definitely think I've gone closer with you guys. Um, I've had I always have lunch with you guys, and I actually, um, yesterday waited on mommy for lunch because she had to go into a meeting and it lasted longer than she thought it would. But, um, I wanted to wait for her because I enjoy eating lunch with her. Well, that's

spk_0:   34:30
nice. So much kind of take a little different twist here and and see what the If there's, ah, direct connection here. So do you have anyone that you know who is actually sick from this?

spk_1:   34:44
Not that I know of. No. Um, I've never really asked any of my friends of the new anyone, um, who was sick or if they had any relatives who were sick. Um, um, I don't think any of us are six, so

spk_0:   35:00
No, I think fortunately, we've We've dodged a bullet so far in our house, the high risk group that that seems to be people seem to be most concerned about our people over 60 people with respiratory issues, heart conditions and so forth. Is there anyone in your immediate circle or extended family that fits that profile that you might be concerned about?

spk_1:   35:26
Well, you fit that description, Daddy. And I'm kind of scared, and I don't want you to end up having it since you have, um,

spk_0:   35:38
a whole slew of problems is

spk_1:   35:40

spk_0:   35:41

spk_1:   35:41
Um I don't know if Mommy's affected or not, But

spk_0:   35:45
anybody else,

spk_1:   35:47
um, some of my extended family might be affected.

spk_0:   35:51
I'm worried about Jima. It was actually gonna be on the upcoming podcast, which we, uh, we pre recorded for a grandparent's segment. Pepe is another one that I'm concerned about as well on. You know, I just hope everyone who who's out there is is safe and taking all the precautions they need. Thio, I have one question left, and I suspect that it's probably going to be a complex one. Wonderful. It's a simple question, but the answer may be complex. Seeing all this stuff on the news hearing, Mommy and Daddy talk about it, seeing all the stuff going on with school. Are you scared by all this?

spk_1:   36:35
Uh, in a way, yes, cause this, um, this was a pretty big outbreak. It's been affected worldwide, and pretty much every school in the world is closed. Some countries are under lock down. Um, and people basically can't do anything at this point, Like normally, we have a bunch of stuff planned for the weekend. But with this whole Karun virus thing going on every we've basically gone entire free weekend and normally before I would be like, okay with it, because I like staying home on the weekends. But knowing about this entire virus and knowing how many people it well, how many lives it's taken. I'm just honestly, I'm scared and I really I don't know how long it'll last and I don't want it to last long because it's like we're not one of the main affected groups. I mean, Mommy can easily you and Mommy can easily work from home. And but there are some families who have to stop working. And I'm pretty sure they were only I don't know if they get paid or not for it. And like, stores are basically ghost towns. And

spk_0:   37:59
so your fear your you know, this thing that you're afraid of, the U You're afraid for yourself, for you, Afraid for Mommy and Daddy, You afraid for other people? Where's that fear coming from?

spk_1:   38:11
Well, I'm afraid for you and Mommy because I don't want you guys to end up having it because, well, I love you guys, and I really don't want you guys to end up having it because I know you're one, because I know you're one of the main targeted groups and I don't want other. I can't imagine what others are going through because some other people have it way worse than us, like some people have had relatives who had the Corona virus and some even, and some ended up dying. Someone in very good financial, um, state and like, it's harder to find the food and, um, supplies you need and

spk_0:   38:52
people are

spk_1:   38:52
panicking and, like, this whole thing is basically once again, basically the apocalypse, like,

spk_0:   39:02
Yeah, and you know, I think it's alarming. I think, um, I think of anything, all of our government leaders and our corporate leaders, I think they're being smart, and they're airing on the side of caution to try and combat this. I think of anything we're overreacting, which is a good thing. Yeah, it's were much better overreacting that under reacting, um, and and I think you know, a lot of what's going on is is appears to be scary because it's it's unprecedented. We haven't seen it before, Um, but I think for the most part, the world's going to continue to spin on society is going to bounce back, you know, this will take its toll, and it's gonna take some time to to come back from this. But this this pretty sure this isn't the end of the world. You know, I think we've seen worse things than this in the past. Um, and I think the reaction that people are having to this is because we've seen worse things and the panic that people have is that they're just trying to survive it. So that human instinct, that survival instinct, I think it's what's kicking in. And that's what we're seeing now, Um, I think it's probably not as bad as the meeting is making it out to be anything. And I'm not saying that to fault the media. I really think the media just like a snowstorm, right? Or hurricane. You know, the media wants to get out word that this is potentially a really bad thing. And if you don't take it seriously, it's gonna be really bad. They do the same thing with major weather events, and a lot of times the weather forecasters take heat. When, okay, we could potentially get 15 feet of snow out of this storm, and it turns out to be a little rain storm. And then everyone criticizes them Well, okay, but if it was 15 feet of snow, my painters airfield, I got plenty of two of the paper, and I'm fine. So what's the worst case scenario? It rained. Okay, Well, my pantries were full, and I got plenty of toilet paper. It's not like I'm not going to use it. Right. So they didn't cause a public panic. They raised awareness. And I think a lot of what you're seeing from the media now is raising that awareness so that we do take it seriously on. We do take care of ourselves, and we do have proper hygiene. Um, they're doing it in a very serious way that we're not used to, So I don't I don't think

spk_1:   41:39
it's the end of the world.

spk_0:   41:40
Exactly. Um, I think people need to take it seriously. They need to do the right thing and everyone, everything will be fine. Um, that was all that I had. Did you have any questions for me about this? About our response to it or anything like that?

spk_1:   41:57
Nope. Not that I can think of.

spk_0:   41:59
Okay. I think this was a good discussion. I think we brought a lot of things out, you know, again, for the key information to this, you want to go to www dot CDC dot gov All the information is there what to do to prevent it, What the symptoms are and what to do if you exhibit symptoms, they don't have anything up there for how to stay awake for a podcast, though. So I can't help you with your yawning

spk_1:   42:27
Will you stop, please?

spk_0:   42:28

spk_1:   42:29
why do you always have to mention

spk_0:   42:31
could you do when the camera's on? It's okay. It's funny. It's banter. People like that.

spk_1:   42:38

spk_0:   42:38
I don't know. It gives us feedback, so I can't tell.

spk_1:   42:41
Well, people give Well, anyone watching this, please goes feedback. Tell us who's right and who's wrong.

spk_0:   42:47
Exactly. S o. Did you have any closing remarks or shout outs?

spk_1:   42:51
Um, just a message. Basically.

spk_0:   42:54
All right, we'll come back and we'll get your closing message, and, uh, I'll look good at the dryer's. Done Go for your closing message.

spk_1:   43:09
Um, I brought a lot of people say this, and I'm just gonna say it again because, well, one, it's helpful information, and two, I know people are probably gonna get in order this, so please stay safe and healthy. Um, that's basically all we can really do is gonna get annoyed that I don't know who gets annoyed

spk_0:   43:32
when you wishing to say seeing is safe and healthy up. Janey. God,

spk_1:   43:37
Um, wash your hands with soap and water. If you don't have to open water, try to use hand sanitizer. If you are sick, make sure you take. Make sure you isolate yourself. Let your doctor know, and please use all of our fax that we have provided and look up some if you still have any questions.

spk_0:   43:57
All right, Very good. One last thing I did want to say the CDC does actually have ah, couple of recipes for bleach based and alcohol based hand sanitizer. Since they're in short supply, you can actually make them at home. That information's on the CDC site before we go. Uh, let's tell you how to give us feedback, even though most people don't. You can email us at comments at insights into things dot com. You can get us on the Web at www dot insights into things dot com. You can catch our YouTube videos on youtube dot com slash insights into things we are on the Twitter at insights underscore things. You can catch us on Facebook at Facebook dot com slash insights into things. Or you can get us on our audio podcasts at podcast, not insights in the teens dot com. And we stream five days a week on twitch at twitch dot tv slash insights into things and you.

spk_1:   45:03
And don't forget to check out our other two podcasts. Insights into entertainment hosted by you and Mommy. And in sentencing tomorrow, our monthly podcast Horses by you and my brother Sam.

spk_0:   45:13
Awesome. Just this programming note, we probably will be postponing. We were scheduled. The tape insights into tomorrow, ironically enough, tomorrow. But we will probably be postponing that until things clear up with the Corona virus. Ironically enough. So that is it for us. We are done.

spk_1:   45:34
Five. You want

spk_0:   45:34
another one in the books?